A Dream Deferred 

Image by Fate Fotos

Image by Fate Fotos

The first six months didn’t go exactly as you planned, you’re feeling stuck, and asking yourself “Where do I go from here?”. 

If you’re anything like me, the start of the new year is an exciting time and fresh opportunity to set your business goals and plan for your upcoming year. There is something about January that makes me very inspired, productive, and most importantly hopeful for all the things that I can accomplish by December. And if you’re also like me, your life has unexpected curveballs and everything you thought you would have accomplished by now feels like a hope and wish.  

So now you’re halfway through the year and at a crossroads. The first six months didn’t go exactly as you planned, you’re feeling stuck, and asking yourself “Where do I go from here?”. 

The beauty of in being in this predicament is that you have options. You can go back to your original game plan, see where you got off course, and make the necessary corrections so that you can still accomplish the rest of your list by the end of the year. For most people, this option is very realistic and quite doable. 

However, what if you’re like me in that there is no real way to salvage your plans? So now you have to accept that what you thought you would do is no longer achievable for multiple reasons. Once you’ve come to terms with your situation you then need to allow yourself time to feel whatever emotions that comes with having a dream deferred. Because underneath our titles and professions we are still just human beings and our careers are very much affected by our emotional state. 

Personally it took weeks to go through the emotions of feeling defeat, sadness, and disappointment in myself. Once I allowed myself time to fully embrace my new reality I was then ready to reassess my 2018 business goals and with the help of my coach come up with a new game plan tailored for my new business needs.

Here’s a few tips that helped me get through my rough patch and embrace July with the same enthusiasm as I did January:

  1. Find the silver lining in your mistakes or mishaps. Ask yourself the following questions. How did this experience make you a better person or business owner? What did you learn from this experience that you would share with your younger self or mentee? What resources do you have now that you may not have been exposed to otherwise?
  2. Reassess your goals. What do you ultimately want to accomplish in your career? What do you want to accomplish by the end of the year for you to feel like it was a success?
  3. Break your plan down into smaller steps. List all the things you need to do by the end of 2018 for it to be successful. Then working backwards list those things that you will need to do monthly, weekly and even daily to make your goals a reality. 
  4. Find ways to get support where you need it. So you hate accounting and doing your taxes are a pain. But most of us all have that one friend that is a numbers wiz. Ask them (or pay if that's their profession) to make a spreadsheet that will help keep track of your bookkeeping. Or find a ready made sheet on Google and tailor it to your specific needs. 
  5. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Truth be told we are all figuring this thing called life (and business) out as we are going. Your peers are not doing better than you, their struggles just look different from yours. But trust me their struggles are still there and they are likely just as confused as you are at times. 

Cheers to rest of your year and best of luck on the your new journey! Comment below any tips that you would like to share with other on how to make a fresh start.